The grant has 6 target areas. Choose one or more that is relevant to your project.
  • Describe your project, i.e. what you are planning to do.
  • Describe the problem that needs to be fixed, outling the degree and nature of the negative impact it is having on the community/environment.
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    The minimum grant amount is $1,000 and the maximum grant amount is $7,500. Applicants must contribute a minimum of 50% of costs toward the proposed project. Any volunteer hours should be listed in both the income and expences as 'in-kind'. Donated materials must be allocated a dollar value and included in the budget table. Funding can not be used for Repayments of debt and loans, Domestic or overseas travel costs, Ongoing operational or recurrent costs including but not limited to salaries or wages, rent or lease costs, fuel, ban or accounting fees.
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    Quotes are required for any expenditure items over $1,000.
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