The Terra Madre / Salone del Gusto will be held in Turin, Italy from 22-26 September 2022, and Slow Food Noosa is seeking the application of delegates to attend.
The successful applicants will be sponsored to attend as a delegate of Slow Food Noosa and as part of a delegation representing Slow Food Australia.
Sponsorship will include funding assistance for airfares, transport, accommodation and food.

Terra Madre / Salone del Gusto

The Terra Madre network was launched by Slow Food to give a voice and visibility to the small-scale farmers, breeders, fishers and food artisans whose approach to food production protects the environment and communities. The network brings them together with academics, chefs, consumers and youth groups so that they can join forces in working to improve the food system.
Visit the website for more information about the Terra Madre concept:

Salone del Gusto is a five day event in Turin, Italy held every second year. The event is a bringing together of the people that cultivate, produce and cook the food we eat. Those for whom food is more than just a job, but a philosophy of life and a passion of the heart.

The Opportunity:

Slow Food Noosa seeks to recognise and promote local producers who are active supporters and champions of the Slow Food philosophy.

Delegates will be drawn from current recipients of the Noosa Slow Food Snail of Approval.

The successful applicants will be sent to Italy to participate in Terra Madre / Salone del Gusto in September 2022, as a delegate of Slow Food Noosa and as part of a delegation representing Slow Food Australia.

Slow Food Noosa wishes to support local growers and producers that:

  • Demonstrably embrace the values and principles of the Slow Food philosophy
  • Recipient of Noosa Slow Food Snail of Approval
  • Participate with Slow Food Noosa on activities that assist with member and community education and engagement of the Slow Food principles
  • Exhibit good stewardship of sustainability and good, clean and fair food production
  • Promote the Slow Food values to their staff, customers and others so that the message of importance and value of Slow Food is made evident
  • Investing in continual improvement of practices that build on Slow Food philosophy
    Support Slow Food Noosa in its aim to educate and engage the broader community

Applicants must:

  • Be a current Slow Food Noosa member
  • Recipient of Snail of Approval or member of Noosa Slow Food Committee
  • Hold a current international passport
  • Be willing to share their experiences with Slow Food Noosa members upon their return.
  • Contribute directly to the ongoing development of Slow Food In Noosa through your business and through supporting and speaking at events, contributing to newsletters as well as supporting or joining the committee in its activities.

For further information:
Specific enquiries should be addressed to: Jason Lewis, Slow Food Noosa President, phone: 0417706166 or Rod Lees, Slow Food Noosa committee. Phone: 0408750027

Applications close by Friday 20 May 2022.

Successful applicants will be notified in the last week in May, 2022.


Terra Madre Application

Application form for Snail of Approval recipients who want to be considered to be included in the delegation from Noosa to the Terra Madre in Turin, Italy.
  • Provide background information on your business – what you are producing / farming / creating, how you sell/market your produce/food. Please include history - when you first started, how long you have been producing/creating for.
  • Outline your previous involvement or support for Slow Food Noosa.
  • Outline how you are incorporating the Slow Food philosophy and values in your business.
  • Outline how this experience would improve your business and our regional food community in general.
  • Outline how you could add value to the Australian Delegation to the Terra Madre.
  • Outline your understanding of what Slow Food is about and in particular the vision for Slow Food. Tell us about your commitment and capacity to assist Slow Food Noosa in its activities. Please provide any other information you would like to include in support of your nomination.

What is Slow Food?
• An international, member-supported, not-for-profit organization
• Founded in 1989 in Italy to counteract fast food & fast life, and promote local sustainable food
• A grassroots network whose supporters are linking the pleasure of good food with a commitment to their community and the environment
• Over 100,000 members in 160 countries that make up 1,300 convivia (branches)
What does Slow Food Do?
• Promotes GOOD, CLEAN, FAIR food (i.e. sustainable quality food, not necessarily organic)

  • GOOD = fresh, flavoursome & seasonal, satisfying the senses, part of the local culture
  • CLEAN = the way it’s produced respects the environment, animal welfare & our health
  • FAIR = accessible prices for consumers & fair conditions & pay for small-scale producers

Slow Food Noosa is an active local convivium with over 100 members and is part of the International Slow Food movement. It is a not-for-profit incorporated entity.

Slow Food Noosa supports local food, by:

  • Connecting producers and chefs and consumers
  • Educating consumers and children
  • Protecting food biodiversity
  • Organising events, initiating projects and developing campaigns
  • Fostering network-building and exchanges

Each convivium organizes activities to highlight their local foods and producers such as tastings, workshops, farm visits, school gardens and food education.
Community Contribution
Strong ties are developed among producers, consumers, chefs, schools, organizations, hospitals, local authorities and Slow Food convivia to create a strong local community.
An approach that allows children and adults to understand food, how it’s made, by who and where it comes from, and to enjoy its’ different uses. 


  • Monthly events supporting local restaurants that feature local produce


  • School Education Projects with participating schools
  • Supporting local farmers & producers in various ways
  • Introduced the Snail of Approval recognition program – A first for Australia
  • Regeneration and rewilding program for local producers
  • Slow Food Community Farm Trail